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Sewer line repairs & replacements

Are you having reocurring problems with sewer line stoppages? Depending on the age of your sewer line and the quality of materials used, pipes can become brittle, develop holes or even collapse. Due to improper installation, sometimes fittings pull apart. There are times when proper fall has not been achieved, making it impossible for gravity to do it's job. It may be time to replace a section or the entire line if repeated attempts have been made to cut tree roots from your sewer line. Some of the older homes in our area still have clay sewer pipes which over time can collapse or sag. In this case, replacing the entire sewer line is recommended.  We make every effort to only repair or replace the damaged section. Clarke Kent Plumbing has rock removal equipment, back hoe for quick trenching, as well as a dump truck for removal and clean up.
Orangeburg pipe is a type of sewer pipe made from bituminized fiber and tar paper. It was commonly used from the era of World War II until 1972 when PVC replaced it.
Section of Orangeburg sewer line full of roots
More Orangeburg pipe full of roots
Dilapidated Orangeburg sewer pipe