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High Water Pressure
High water pressure puts a tremendous amount of undue stress on the pipes and fixtures in your home. If unaddressed, it can have damaging effects and can lead to more serious problems such as:
  • Flooding due to burst pipes
  • Shortens the life of faucets
  • Premature toilet part failure
  • Damage to washing machine hoses
  • Water heater malfunctions
Plumbing systems in homes are not equipped to handle pressure above 80 pounds per square inch (psi). Most plumbing manufacturers will not warranty their products over 80 psi. In addition, most municipalities plumbing codes require a Pressure Reducing Valve (prv) to be installed in residential homes whose water pressure exceeds 80 psi. Installing a Pressure Reducing Valve will reduce the amount of pressure coming into your house which will extend the life of your plumbing products and pipes, as well as reduce the risk of flooding your home.