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Sewer & Drain lines
Clogged drains can occur in any area of your home. Grease, food particles and soap that harden can stick to the side of pipes in your kitchen. Over time this build up can result in slow draining or clogged pipes. Bathroom showers and sinks get clogged by hair, soap, cosmetics and hair products. When you have a clogged drain, using a chemical drain clearner may seem like the logical solution. However, this method of drain cleaning can be damaging to your pipes; it causes pipes to corrode and ultimately causes more harm than good. We offer alternative solutions that are more effective than the use of harmful chemicals.
Common causes for clogging:
  • Drain blockage (hair, grease, debris, etc.)
  • Tree roots
  • Shifting or settling soil
  • Collapsed or cracked lines
  • Structural defects
Our video inspection equipment allows us to isolate and see the cause of the blockage to give recommendations based off your needs. Our company is dedicated to effective sewer repair or replacement if required.
There are some simple fixes we can suggest or provide you with hydro-jetting services for more complex clogs. Whether your issue requires a snake, rooter, auger, hydro-jetting, we can provide it!
Hydro-Jetting is particularly effective at removing exceptionally clogged sewage systems. It uses highly pressurized, reverse-action water jets to cut through debris without harmful fumes and chemicals. In addition, we can fit smaller nozzles onto the hoses to reach small drain pipes that older methods could not reach.  Hydro-jetting allows you to clean PVC pipes without the risk of damaging them.
By not maintaining your drain lines, situations such as this can occur