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Camera inspections & line locating

Using state of the art drain camera equipment, Clarke Kent Plumbing can effectively determine the cause of a blockage. With drain camera inspections, we are able to locate and pinpoint the problem area, which will save you time and money. 

Another valuable tool is our line locator, which used in conjunction with the camera can locate your lines underground. In addition, we do depth readings which are important in determining the amout of fall your sewer line has (without a pump, drain pipes must slope downhill toward the city main). 

Planning a room addition that needs plumbing? Locating your existing drain line will give us the information necessary to tie into the most accessable line.

If you have a blockage that's hard to find, Call Clarke Kent Plumbing Inc. and we'll be happy to help!

Orangeburg sewer pipe is a type of sewer pipe made from bituminized fiber and tar paper. It was commonly used from the era of World War II until 1972 when PVC replaced it.
Orangeburg sewer pipe full of roots
Dilapidated Orangeburg sewer pipe