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Backflow inspections & Certifications
The City of Austin and other surrounding municipalities require that every backflow device be tested once each year. The law requires the installation of an approved backflow device at all commercial or residential water connections where a potential hazard to the water supply has been identified. The backflow device has to be able to handle the degree of hazard given the particular connection.
In addition, it's important to understand what backflow is and why its prevention and testing is important to you and your city. Backflow occurs when any water flow is reversed from its intended direction. Backflow can cause untreated water to flow into the public's clean water distribution system. If so, it can put the entire city's drinking water in jeopardy of contamination.
We are licensed and certified through the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Our service includes the installation of new backflow devices, certifying your existing backflow devices, making any repairs if needed, and submitting the required paperwork to the municipality that has jurisdiction.
Backflow devices are commonly found on: carbonators, ice-makers, soap dispensers, frozen drink machines, dental or medical eqipment, printing equipment, spa chairs, pet grooming wash stations, sprinkler systems, irrigation lines in garden nurseries, just to name a few.