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Slab leaks, Drain and Water Lines

We Repair All Slab Leaks or Water & Drain Line Issues in Your Yard.  Inside or Outside!

Slab leaks occur under the foundation of your home. They can show up as damp areas on your flooring or carpet. If it's a leak from a hot water line, the floor can be unusually warm in spots. A common indicator of a leak is an increase in your water bill. Even a tiny hole can leak thousands of gallons of water each month.
There are two common slab leaks - leaks from incoming water lines and leaks from drain lines. Because incoming water lines are under pressure, they are more easily detected. Sewer leaks can hide for years without being detected by homeowners. They can cause soil around the line to swell, but often show no signs of a leak.  Clarke Kent Plumbing can perform a static test to determine the condition of your drain lines. We highly recommend this test when buying a new home, regardless of the age of the home.
No matter where the leak is, inside or outside, we have the techs and equipment to locate it and make any necessary repairs.