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Drain and Sewer lines cleared
Clogged drains can occur in any area of your home. Grease, food particles and soap can harden, sticking to the side of pipes in your kitchen. Over time this build up can result in slow draining or clogged pipes. Bathroom showers and sinks get clogged by hair, soap, cosmetics and hair products. When you have a clogged drain, using a chemical drain cleaner may seem like the logical solution. However, this method can be damaging to your pipes, creating weak places and eventually holes in the pipe. We offer alternative solutions that are more effective than the use of harmful chemicals.
This pipe is the result of years of harsh chemicals.
Sometimes a blockage is in the toilet itself, but the problem can also be the result of other factors. Weather changes can cause the ground to shift and when pipes pull apart, roots have access to water. Over time root systems grow and create uneven surfaces which can cause stoppages.
Depending on the age of your sewer line and the quality of materials used, pipes can become brittle, develop holes or even collapse. Due to improper installation, sometimes fittings pull apart. There are times when proper fall has not been achieved, making it impossible for gravity to do it's job.
We use video inspection equipment to assist with locating the issue and giving recommendations based on your needs.
Whether your issue requires a snake, rooter, auger or hydro-jetting, we can provide it!
Orangeburg pipe is a type of sewer pipe from bituminized fiber and tar paper. It was commonly used from the era of World War II until 1972 when PVC replaced it.
Orangeburg sewer pipe full of roots
Hydro-Jetting is particularly effective at removing exceptionally clogged sewage systems. It uses highly pressurized, reverse-action water jets to cut through debris and scour the inside of sewer and drain pipes.  Hydro-jetting allows us to clean PVC pipes without the risk of damaging them.